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-[title] Removal of Rear Panel
[* black] Remove the SIM tray.
[* black] Using a plastic opening tool, carefully separate the back panel from the main body assembly of the phone. Be extra careful around the SIM slot or other weak areas.
[* black] You may encounter some resistance due to hidden locking clips around the inside edge of the phone. Not to worry; just move in one consistent direction around the phone as opposed to jumping from spot to spot!
[* black] Top to bottom, left to right, clockwise or counter clockwise, once we make it about half way around the device, the panel is easily removable by hand.
[* icon_caution] ***It is of utmost importance that you do not attempt to free the battery from the device at this point without proceeding to the following step!*** This is an ''integrated'' battery that can easily be damaged or destroyed if the proper steps are are not taken.