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[title] Tuner her up!
[* black] Now that all the strings are on and the guitar is all clean, we can tune up. Standard tuning from the lowest string to highest string (6th to 1st) is EADGBE. Use your tuner to accurately reach to the desired note.
[* black] It is always better to tune up to a note than down to it because of the way the tension at the nut works. If you overshoot the note, it is better to tune all the way back down past it and up to it again than to tune down to the note and stop. This will ensure it stays in tune when you begin to play.
[* black] New strings take a bit of playing to get worn in and stay in tune. Try manually stretching all of the strings by pulling up on them all the way up and down the neck a few times to expedite this process.