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[title] Clean first half of fretboard, body, and headstock
[* black] Now that we have removed the first three strings, we will go ahead and clean the parts of the guitar we couldn't access before.
[* black] Spray two squeezes of Dunlop 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth. It is important that you do not apply the spray directly to the guitar, as leaving large amounts of the solution on the guitar too long can damage the finish.
[* black] In a clockwise circular motion, rub the bottom half of the front of the guitar from the back of the body, across the fretboard, to the tip of the headstock. If you feel the damp cloth stop gliding, apply two more sprays of the solution. We are essentially coating the guitar in a light film of the solution.
[* black] When the entire bottom half of the instrument has been coated, flip the cloth over to a dry, clean side and repeat the same thing in reverse - a counterclockwise circular rubbing motion over the length of the bottom front half of the guitar. Wax on, wax off!