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[title] RemovingRemove the first half of the dead strings
[title] RemovingRemove the first half of the dead strings
[* black] The first step to getting your guitar back into shape is to remove the old, dead strings. This will allow us to access the fretboard and more thoroughly clean the parts of the body and headstock the strings lay over.
[* black] We do not want to remove all 6 strings at once as this would suddenly and drastically alter the tension on the neck, which could lead to warping. If the neck becomes warped, when the new strings are applied they may be too close or too far away from the fretboard, causing fret buzz or strings that are difficult to press down.
[* black] Using your string winder, begin to unwind the smallest (high E) string with a string winder. When it is quite slack - plucking it no longer sounds like a note - pull out the pin where the string enters the bridge on the body.
[* black] Carefully pull the string out of the bridge pin hole, then unwrap the string from around the tuning peg. This should not require any cutting. Be careful not to scratch the headstock with the end of the string!
[* black] Repeat this for each of the next two smallest strings (the B and G).