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[* black] Visible above the rear camera: a heart rate monitor. Useful when you need to monitor your heart rate from your smartphone.
[* icon_note] Which shouldn't be that often, unless Samsung forgot about its [[Topic:Samsung Smartwatch|plethora of smartwatches]].
[* black] Similar to the 4th and 5th generation iPhones, the Galaxy Alpha sports a straight, smooth metal bezel, with a chamfered edge.
[* black] Speaking of metal frames, let's hope Samsung learned from Apple's [|Antennagate|new_window=true] fiasco.
[* black] Unlike the iPhone, the rear of the phone is covered in a rubberized plastic panel—which we'll be peeling off just as soon as we can.
[* black] Regarding the switch to metal, let's hope Samsung learned from Apple's [|Antennagate|new_window=true] fiasco.