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Step Lines

-[* black] We have slain the giant. Stay tuned as we update this step with the repairability score.
+[* black] We have slain the giant. The iPhone 6 Plus earned a respectable seven out of ten, an improvement over the iPhone 5s. Here's why:
[* green] Continuing the trend from the iPhone 5 series, the display assembly comes out of the phone first, simplifying screen repairs.
[* green] The battery is straightforward to access. Removing it requires a proprietary pentalobe screwdriver and knowledge of the adhesive removal technique, but is not difficult.
[* green] The fingerprint sensor cable has been re-routed, fixing a significant repairability issue with the iPhone 5s and making the phone much safer to open. (On the 5s, the cable is easily torn if a user is not careful while opening the phone.)
[* red] The iPhone still uses proprietary Pentalobe screws on the exterior, requiring a specialty screwdriver to remove.
[* red] Apple does not share repair information for the iPhone 6 Plus with independent repair shops or consumers.