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Changes to Step #22

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Step Lines

[* black] More ICs on the back of the logic board.
[* red] Qualcomm WFR1620 receive-only companion chip
[* icon_note] Qualcomm [|states|new_window=true] that the WFR1620 is "required for implementation of carrier aggregation with WTR1625L."
[* orange] Qualcomm PM8019 power management IC
[* yellow] Texas Instruments 343S0694 touch transmitter
- [* green] AMS AS3923 boosted NFC front end
+ [* green] AMS AS3923 boosted NFC tag front end
+ [* icon_note] We believe that this is simply a small revision of the AMS [|AS3922|new_window=true], which allows "payment functionality in ultra-small form factors such as SIM and µSD".