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Step Lines

-[* icon_caution] News flash from the Land Down Under:
-[* black] The line was already 50 people strong yesterday around 1 PM local Aussie time.
-[* black] By 7 AM there were close to a thousand people in line.
-[* black] Our teardown team was #53 in line, and the Apple Store [|only had|new_window=true] 40 iPhone 6 Plus models in stock.
[* black] But hey, no worries—we got our hands on an iPhone 6 Plus, all thanks to a wonderful Australian iFixit fan named [link||Ricky|new_window=true]. Thanks Ricky!
- [* icon_reminder] It turns out Ricky is not related to this [link||Ricky|new_window=true].
-[* black] After our little Apple Store adventure, we skedaddled back to [|MacFixit Australia|new_window=true], where the teardown's taking place. We want to send out a big thanks to our good friends at MacFixit for letting us use their office. They stock Mac and iPhone upgrades/accessories, and also carry our [product|IF145-072|iFixit toolkits|new_window=true]. Thanks MacFixit Australia!