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[* black] Keeping up with the Oculus news recently, we figured there might be something lurking within the HDMI cable, just like with [|Apple's Thunderbolt cable|new_window=true] from awhile back.
[* black] With a couple flicks of our metal spudger, we find we were right—a hidden IC presents itself!
[* black] We find the [|Spectra7 VR7100|new_window=true] processor buried under what seems to be a thick encasing of glue.
[* black] According to their product brief, the little doohickey "reduces size and weight of HDMI copper interconnects..." and "supports video formats up to 4K 60p" — hot stuff!
[* black] Well now we know why the cables got so much thinner when compared to the DK1.
[* black] You can learn more about this technology under the name "RedMere Active HDMI"