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[* black] We love our [|IR camera|new_window=true]. [guide|23835|Any|stepid=62129] [guide|27458|opportunity|stepid=67333] to capture that exciting invisible glow, and we're all over it. So when we heard that the DK2 was going to incorporate the IR LED array of the [|Crystal Cove headset|new_window=true], but with the LEDs on the ''inside'', we knew it was our camera's time to (catch the) shine once again.
[* icon_note] With the DK2 fully hooked up and running its demo software, the positional tracking camera starts positionally tracking—with the help of light totally invisible to our eyes, blasted through the black plastic of the front of the headset.
[* black] [|MORE DOTS|new_window=true].
[* blackicon_note] [|More Dots|new_window=true].
[* blackicon_note] [|More Dots|new_window=true].