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[* black] This 13 MP, f/2.0, rear-facing camera with OIS ([link||Optical Image Stablization|new_window=true]) is central to Amazon's new [|Firefly technology|new_window=true] which, if used correctly, can burn holes in your wallet.
[* icon_note] Glowing reviews of Firefly rely less on [|bioluminescence|new_window=true], and more on the efficient image recognition software in the Fire Phone.
[* black] Hidden on the back of the rear-facing camera ribbon cable are a few ICs:
[* red] InvenSense [link||IDG2021|new_window=true] 2-Axis (XY) OIS gyroscope (labeled as 1Y21)
[* orange] 63164 312H30
[* yellow] ADA 4211

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