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Step Lines

[* black] The battery comes out of the Fire Phone, but its connector remains captive to another bracket. When shaking a poker at it fails to do the trick, we extract it the conventional way.
[* black] It may not be an [|eternal flame], but Amazon claims this 2400 mAh battery is good for up to 285.5 hours of standby, 22 hours of talk time, or 8.5 hours of web over Wi-Fi.
[* black] Our spudger has [guide|23856|seen Fire before|new_window=true]; these flat antenna cable connectors are easily vanquished.
[* black] While we're here, we take a look at the internal flame. According to Amazon, this is a 2400 mAh battery providing up to 285.5 hours standby, 22 hours talk time, 8.5 hours web over WiFi.
[* black] Amidst the sea of connectors, we spy a motherboard standoff screw. We're all for fighting fire with fire, but in this case a driver will do.