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Step Lines

[* black] Time to pry out the battery. Tiny double sided sticky tape strips hold it in securely, but give little resistance to our spudger. Nice.
[* black] The 3.8 V, 400 mAh battery holds a 33% edge over the [guide|27038|Gear Live's 300 mAh battery|stepid=66770], but also touts an "Always-on Screen" that [|may use up that extra juice|new_window=true].
[* black] Our battery recommends we refer to user's guide. Let's see what's inside:
[* black] ''Do not attempt to repair or modify or remanufacture the product. It is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, which should be replaced only by LG or an authorized LG repair center.''
[* black] ''Do not open, disassemble, crush, bend or deform, puncture, or shred the product.''
[* icon_note] Okay sure. Just gonna [|leave this right here|new_window=true]. If you can't open it, you don't own it.
[* black] Oh also, for those of you planning on exercising or dancing with your G Watch:
[* black] ''Do not drop, strike, or'' '''''shake your product.'''''