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Step Lines

[* black] Some galaxies have [|stars|new_window=true]. Others have chips:
[* red] Elpida FA164A2PM - The same 2 GB RAM package we found in the [guide|23615|HTC One (M8)|stepid=61148], and different from the 2 GB Samsung chip found in Chipworks' [|analysis|new_window=true]. Quad-core 2.5 GHz CPU likely layered beneath
[* orange] Samsung [|KLMAG2GEAC-B0|new_window=true] 16 GB on-board memory
[* yellow] Avago ACPM-7617 multi-mode, multi-band RF front end
[* green] Murata KM4220004 (likely Wi-Fi module)
[* blue] C1N75R UMR3 (Battery Controller)
[* blue] C1N75R UMR3 (Battery Controller)
[* violet] Maxim Integrated MAX77804K (System PSoC) and MAX77826
[* black] STMicroelectronics 32A M410