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[* black] What's cooking in Tango?
[* red] Elpida [|FA164A1PB|new_window=true] 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM, layered above a Qualcomm [|8974] (Snapdragon 800) processor
[* orange] Two Movidius [|Myriad 1|new_window=true] computer vision co-processors.
[* yellow] Two AMIC [|A25L016|new_window=true] 16 Mbit low voltage serial flash memory ICs
[* green] InvenSense [|MPU-9150|new_window=true] 9-axis gyroscope/accelerometer/compass MEMS motion tracking device
[* blue] Skyworks [|77629|new_window=true] multimode multiband power amplifier module for quad-band GSM/EDGE
[* violet] PrimeSense [|PSX1200|new_window=true] Capri PS1200 3D sensor SoC
[* black] SanDisk [|SDIN7DP4-64G|new_window=true] 64 GB iNAND flash memory