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[* black] A few connectors to disconnect, some stickies to de-stick, and the motherboard is free.
[* black] Tango's sole purpose in life is to bring an exciting technology that's thus-far been limited to game consoles and Mars rovers to a mobile platform.
[* black] As such, it doesn't waste time with flashy looks or a slim body, and just packs its tech into a box in the easiest way possible. This is by far one of the easiest-to-disassemble phones we've gotten our hands on, even giving the [guide|20527|Fairphone] a run for its money (or, hopefully, some tips on repairability).
[* black] The 5 inch display assembly wears a Synaptics [|S3202|new_window=true] ClearPad 3 series touchscreen controller.

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