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Step Lines

-[* black] The Mini Retina only has seven screws securing the LCD shield plate (seen left), as opposed to the previous generation's 14 (seen right). However, most of the indentations are present, if not punched out and prepped for screws.
- [* icon_note] Saving some money by reusing shield plates are we?
+[* black] Looks like Apple has been doing some pruning, the 16 screws in the previous iPad Mini's LCD shield plate were deemed excessive, we're down to seven screws.
+ [* icon_note] Waste not want not, the same old shields appear to be popped into the new minis, they're just missing some, now obsolete, screw holes.
[* black] The LCD and digitizer connectors are in the bracket for teardown madness. Both connectors are knocked out as we remove the bracket on our way to the LCD.
[* black] The LCD is finally free, and we turn our eye from the Retina to the horrors of [|what lies beneath].