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Step Lines

[* black] We begin removing the titular update to this Mini: the Retina Display.
[* black] All the pixels in the world couldn't keep our [product|IF145-239|Pro Tech Screwdriver Set] at bay.
[* black] Powering all those extra pixels comes at the price of 0.3 mm of added thickness in comparison to last year's Mini.
[* icon_note] It just so happens that an extra 0.3 mm is also the difference between an iPad and the [|Kindle Fire HDX 8.9"], which, at just 7.8 mm thick, features an incredibly easy opening procedure, and a repairability score of 7 out of 10.
+[* black] Foam covered adhesive tabs wrapping around to the front of the LCD need to be carefully removed in order for it to flip.