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Changes to Step #5

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Step Lines

[* black] Flip the iPhone back over and insert a plastic card between the case side of the battery and the rear case.
[* icon_caution] Do not pry against the logic board or you may damage the phone.
[* icon_caution] Be careful to keep the card as flat as possible to avoid bending the battery, which may damage it and cause it to release dangerous chemicals. Do not use any sharp tools to pry at the battery.
[* black] Press the card in farther to break up the adhesive behind the battery.
[* icon_caution] Do not pry near the top left of the battery. There is a power + volume ribbon cable that can easily be broken if pried near there.
[* icon_note] Alternatively, a piece of dental floss may be used to separate the battery from the rear case. A stronger alternative to dental floss is an unwound guitar string, such as a 0.009 E string from a 12-string set.
[* black] Thread the floss or string behind the upper battery corners, bring the ends together, wrap them around a folded cloth, and pull evenly.