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Step Lines

[* black] Back side of logic board:
[* red] Micron [link||D9PXV|new_window=true] 4 Gb (512 MB) DDR3L SDRAM
[* orange] MXIC [link||MX25L6406E|new_window=true] 64M-bit CMOS Serial Flash
[* yellow] Texas Instruments Stellaris LM4FS1EH Microcontroller
[* green] Cypress [|CY8C24794-24LTXI] Programmable System-on-Chip
- [* blue] Broadcom BCM15700A2
+ [* blue] Broadcom BCM15700A2 (2nd image magnified)
[* violet] P13WVR 12612NEE
[* black] Linear Technology [|LT3957|new_window=true] B29255