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Step Lines

[* black] Yep, [guide|4395|those adhesive tabs|stepid=20491] are still around, and still annoying.
[* black] ''Kerpow!'' There goes the display assembly, finally free from the tyranny of the upper case.
-[* black] The trackpad features same chips we found on the 13" MacBook Air:
+[* black] The trackpad features the same chips we found on the MacBook Air 13":
[* red] STMicroelectronics [|STM32F103VB|new_window=true] microcontroller
[* orange] MXIC [|MX25L2006E|new_window=true] 2 Mb serial flash
[* yellow] Broadcom [|BCM5976A0KUB2G|new_window=true] trackpad controller