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Step Lines

[* black] Interconnect board
[* black] Analog Devices [link||SSM3515B] 31 W class-D audio amplifier
[* black] ASMedia [link||ASM3142] PCIe to USB 3.1 Gen 2 controller
[* black] Texas Instruments CD3218B12 USB type-C port/power delivery controller
[* black] Intel [link||JHL8040R] Thunderbolt 4 retimer
[* black] ASMedia [link||ASM1543] 10 Gbps 4:2 mux switch w/ USB 3.1 type-C compatibility
- [* black] Texas Instruments TMP464 5-ch. temperature sensor
+ [* black] Texas Instruments [link||TMP464] 5-ch. temperature sensor
[* black] Analog Devices (formerly Linear Technology) [link||LTC3890-2] 2-phase synchronous step-down converter