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Step Lines

+[* black] Let's put this thing down, flip it, and reverse it:
+ [* red] Kioxia KICM225VE4779 128 GB NAND flash storage
+ [* orange] Macronix [link||MX25U6472F|new_window=true] 64 MB serial NOR flash memory
+ [* yellow] Broadcom BCM57762 ethernet controller
+ [* green] Infineon (formerly Cypress Semiconductor) [link||CYPDC1185B2-32LQXQ|new_window=true] USB-C cable controller
+ [* light_blue] Texas Instruments [link||TPS259827ON|new_window=true] 15-amp eFuse with load current monitoring and transient fault management
+ [* blue] Cirrus Logic CS42L83A audio codec
+ [* violet] Analog Devices (formerly Linear Technology) [link||LTC3890-2|new_window=true] two-phase synchronous step-down converter

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