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[* black] Rejoice! The M1 iMac is still sealed with the classic iMac adhesive, not the goopy iPad nightmare we feared. This splittable foam adhesive has been our go-to recommendation for exterior adhesive since we first encountered it (we still recommend stretch release adhesive for internal stuff).
[* black] Easy heat-free cutting wheel entry was scary at first, the clearance at the top is a bit tighter, there's a plastic display frame with screw post bulges that slot into the metal frame (yay for easy screen alignment) so it feels like you're maybe hitting antennas, but it's actually really protected! Thin adhesive all the way around, great!
[* black] Cables all connect at the bottom with enough slack (similar to iMac pro) to open, still no annoying top cables, yay
[* black] Boom full reveal! It's empty! The screen takes up most of the space, and weight, all that's left is slim (pun intended) pickings.
[* black] We can't wait to take a look at those radiator-looking bits, could they be speaker chambers?

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