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[title] iMac M1 24" Teardown
[* black] You can have this teardown in any color you want, so long as it's purple. We opted for the mid-tier model with the following specs:
[* red] Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU (four performance cores and four efficiency cores) and 16-core Neural Engine
[* orange] Apple M1 integrated 8-core GPU
[* yellow] 8 GB of unified memory
[* green] 23.5-inch (diagonal) True Tone display with 4480 × 2520 resolution and support for one billion colors (P3 color gamut)
[* light_blue] 256 GB of SSD storage
[* light_blue] 256 GB of SSD storage
[* icon_note] Specs aside, at first glance this iMac looks alarmingly like an iPad on a stand. If you've ever attempted to take apart an iPad, you already know why we're on edge, so to speak.