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Step Lines

[* black] ...And we were right! Concealed under the Samsung LPDDR3 IC is the [link||Snapdragon 600|new_window=true] APQ8064T 1.9 GHz Quad-Core CPU.
[* black] The Qualcomm applications processor package is labeled as APQ8064.
[* icon_note] If you're wondering what happened to the Qualcomm MDM9215M modem, it was sacrificed in the name of [|science|new_window=true].
+[* black] Samsung recently came under fire for using tin solder that comes from [|highly dangerous mines in Indonesia]. Friends of the Earth raised the issue with a [|visible #makeitbetter campaign]—including signs in [|front] of Samsung's office.
+[* black] Just last week, Samsung [|announced they have changed their policy]. Good for them! [|Apple has refused to state] whether they are using dangerous mines to produce the iPhone.