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[* black] Straight out of the box, we are already sighing with relief…it's a removable battery!
- [* black] This [guide|13445|trend|stepid=45519|new_window=true] makes us oh-so-happy!
+[* black] This [guide|13445|trend|stepid=45519|new_window=true] makes us oh-so-happy! Samsung are doing the right thing for their customers and the environment.
[* black] Not only is the battery removable, it even comes removed! The rear panel rests upside-down on the device, so we don't even have to release any clips to open it up.
[* black] Resting in the battery cavity is our micro-SIM card delivery system: an advanced piece of plastic from whence the micro-SIM card came. It provides super-important numbers for the life of your micro-SIM card, all in one easy-to-lose thin piece of plastic!