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+[* black] In case you didn't already guess from the strands of glue: our initial disassembly had some heated moments. These headphones are not as easy to take apart as they let on. More on that coming soon.
[* black] We know many of you love puzzling out which chips populate the board, so we're going to skip ahead a few steps. Spoiler alert—there's a unique board in each side.
[* black] Don't worry, we'll be back to give you the complete blow-by-blow and analysis of the disassembly later. For now, we're just going to leave these here—feel free to send us note, drop a comment, or make an edit yourself if you can ID any chips.
[* icon_reminder] For maximum resolution, you can find the original image files [|here|new_window=true] and [|here|new_window=true].

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