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[* black] mmWave goodbye, high 5Gs all around! This teardown is a wrap.
[* black] It’s shaping up to be a 5G world, and Apple’s living in it. It seems like they had to make some serious design compromises to make way for shiny new 5G components. Case in point: gone are the logic board and battery gains of yore. They will be missed.
[* black] The new battery is gaunt, no longer an elegant L. The Taptic Engine is smaller, and the speakers are a new shape—maybe not diminished, but different.
[* black] Taken as a whole, it’s not quite a “death by a thousand cuts,” but it is odd to see such concessions to this nascent technology. Of all the possible Apple innovations, this feels the least inventive.
[* black] But! At least the new 5G digs didn't mess with Apple's tried-and-true screen and battery repair procedures.
[* black] Speaking of repair, let's tally up the repairability score and call it a night. Thank you for joining us on this iPhone adventure!

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