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[* black] We interrupt this teardown to bring you this excellent X-ray intermission from our pals at [|Creative Electron|new_window=true]. It's a glance at the guts before we go!
[* black] The obvious standout here is the MagSafe wireless charging array, and it's cool to finally ''see'' it with our eyes. [|Magnet paper works too|new_window=true], but X-rays are so much better.
[* black] And nope, we didn't add a black border to the iPhone 12 Pro X-ray on the right. That's the result of the stainless steel frame compared to the aluminum frame on the iPhone 12—steel is denser, thus more opaque in X-ray shots.
[* icon_note] Not pictured in the X-rays: all the fingerprints we inevitably put on these things...

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