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[* red] Qualcomm SDM765 Snapdragon 765G
[* orange] x
[* yellow] Snapdragon [|865 5G Mobile Platform|new_window=true]
[* green] Qualcomm [|WCD9385 Aqstic audio|new_window=true] codec
[* black] [|Skyworks SKY5 3735-11|new_window=true] diversity receive module
[* black] [,WPA3%20Security%2C%20and%20digital%20FM.&text=This%20chipset%20has%20downlink%20MU,connected%20to%20an%20access%20point.|Qualcomm WCN3998|new_window=true] Wi-Fi 6-ready Chipset with Bluetooth 5, WPA3 Security, and Digital FM

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