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[* black] Easy Peasy Removable Battereezy
[* black] As other [guide|102745|OnePlus|stepid=262662|new_window=true] [guide|127509|models|new_window=true] [guide|133351|before|new_window=true] the Nord comes with a handy pull tab for convenient battery removal.
[* black] The source of fresh energy labeled BLP785 provides the Nord with 15.92 Wh (4115 mAh @ 4.-45 V).
[* icon_note] This not just exceeds the mid-range rival [guide|131053|Samsung Galaxy A51|stepid=257349|new_window=true] (15.4 Wh) but also beats the [guide|126000|iPhone 11 Pro Max|stepid=243570|new_window=true] (15.04 Wh) but stays behind its big brother, the [|OnePlus 8 pro|new_window=true] (17.45 Wh).