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[* black] Nine steps after prying the display assembly up from the case, we finally get a look at it on its own. Just like we saw earlier with the battery, this component can't be replaced without removing the rear case.
[* black] The HTC One holds the pixel density crown (for now) with its 4.7" 1920x1080 pixel LCD, boasting a whopping 468 pixels per inch.
[* icon_note] That's the same resolution as a [guide|12842|Microsoft Surface], but in a screen that's nearly 6" smaller!
[* black] There are a number of strange markings on the back of the display panel that we can only identify as the signatures of family physicians.
[* red] Aside from the inspection notes, the cable is labeled XT6088C07B_FPC REV: 8 DATE: 2012.11.30, indicating that at least certain parts of this phone have been in the works for quite some time.

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