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Step Lines

[* black] The battery will be attached to the back of the Kindle Fire HD by a type of glue. The best way to remove the battery is by prying it off using the flat end of the spudger.
[* red] The best place to start prying the battery from the back of the Kindle Fire HD is at the location shown.
[* icon_caution] Prying the battery from the back too much in one place will cause the battery to bend too much and the battery may eventually malfunction, break, or "crack."
[* black] Move the spudger along the sides to continue prying.
[* icon_note] You may need to push the spudger further between the battery and the back of the Kindle Fire HD to fully detach the battery.
[* black] Once you have one half of the battery detached, pry the other half in the same manner.
[* black] Viola! Your battery is now detached!