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Step Lines

+[title] Install 1c. Reassembly
[* yellow] If you're going to glue the new connections in, do it now.
[* black] Install the male green phoenix connector onto harness A.
[* violet] Using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the terminals 3-4 turns then insert the wires into the
[* icon_note] Color order does not matter but the other side of the harness HAS to match. When tightening the screw terminals, feel for when the wire end is contacted and do not overtighten. Give each wire a very gentle pull to test that they are all firmly connected.
[* orange] Reinstall the power supply and tighten the screws.
[* yellow] Reinstall the bottom cover and tigthen the screws.
[* icon_note] The vent holes should be positioned over the power supply.