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Step Lines

[* black] Chips:
[* red] Apple A10 Fusion APL1W24 SoC layered over Micron [|D9WQC|new_window=true] 3 GB [|LPDDR4 SDRAM|new_window=true]
[* black] SanDisk SDMRSEFJ2 032G 32 GB flash memory
[* black] Broadcom [|BCM15900B0|new_window=true] touch screen controller
[* black] NXP [|100VB27|new_window=true] NFC controller
[* black] Cirrus Logic [|CS42L83A|new_window=true] low power audio codec
[* black] Murata 339S00445
[* black] Skyworks 850946, 203153033561852, and 13790697311912

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