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[* black] Speaking of the smart connector, here it is, in all its glory! If you wanted a cheap iPad, but were holding back because you wanted to connect a Smart Keyboard to it, congratulations, Apple literally did just that. Just for you. That's all they did though, you don't get anything else.
[* black] Hold up a minute: maybe you do get something else! It's a ... a ... a goopy antenna cable! Really though, we've never seen this before. Kinda weird.
[* black] Cables aside, we bring the heat one last time to pull this sticky logic board out of its home.
[* black] optional monologue about sticky logic boards
[* black] optional third jab at the boring refresh: "you might be wondering what chips this lobo holds. You better believe we're about to check, but we'll bet you $5 we [guide|105416|already know|stepid=198952|new_window=true]"

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