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[* black] Wallpaper shot! (may not need to be here in the TD)
[* black] Time to take a look at this year's 10.2" panel (top) next to its 9.7" predecessor (bottom):
[* black] The home button looks unchanged to us, but it's still there—no FaceID for this tier of iPad yet.
[* black] This new panel consolidated some cables! Previously, we had to watch out for three cables during opening, but now two of them are thoughtfully overlapped, leaving us with just two cables to avoid. How nice.
[* black] The battery is labeled A1484 and rated for 32.9 Wh—the exact same battery as [guide|105416|last year|stepid=198954|new_window=true], despite the extra space in this year's larger case. After the iPhone battery upgrade we just saw, we're a little disappointed the iPad didn't get the same treatment.
[* icon_note] Maybe this iPad needed the extra space for the Smart Connector, but factoring in the lack of a processor upgrade as well ... this starts to feel like a lazy refresh.

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