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[* black] The folks at [|Creative Electron|new_window=true] have been [guide|126000|working|stepid=243551|new_window=true] [|extra|new_window=true] [guide|126223|hard|stepid=243649|new_window=true] [|this past week|new_window=true], but when we asked them for a look inside this iPad, they wrangled a few more electrons to give us a peek.
[* black] Looking past the iPad's understated exterior, we notice the pattern of magnets along the edges is different than [guide|105416|last year|stepid=198934|new_window=true].
[* icon_note] Perhaps this is to better accommodate the Smart Keyboard?
[* black] Speaking of smarts, look at how that Smart Connector cable snakes its way around the battery. It's a bit circuitous, but so much better than some [|previous designs|new_window=true] that trapped the cable hopelessly under a glued-down battery.