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[* black] Remove these two screws to detach the sensor from the lens
[* black] The sensor has a typical 1/2.5" size. That's not a big sensor.
[* black] Here you have a 5 polish zloty coin for comparison.
[* black] 5 polish zloty's is about $1.80, in case you don't grasp the size yet :)
-[* black] The CCD is very shinny
+[* black] The CCD is very shinny.
+[* black] 6 megapixels from a 1 / 2.5" sensor is like expecting 70 megapixels from a 35mm film camera. It's still better then pumping 12 megapixels out of a pinhead sized sensor in mobile phones.
+[* icon_note] Manufacturers, please stop the megapixel war. Thank you.