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[* black] With these delicate fossils extracted, it's time to examine the brains:
[* red] Apple 343S00289 (likely Apple's new H1 chip)
[* orange] 25SL 128A 1820
[* yellow] 338S00420
[* green] T 8 36
[* black] Turning our attention to the brawn, we find the [guide|75578|familiar|stepid=152776|new_window=true] 93 milliwatt hour battery in each bud.
[* icon_note] That's less than half the capacity of the [|coin-cell batteries|new_window=true] in the Samsung Galaxy buds. We're curious to see what will be powering the rumored [|Powerbeats Pro|new_window=true], but we'll have to wait for that comparison.

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