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[* black] We start our examination with these curious markings on the boxes. We're seeing [|multiple references|new_window=true] to something called "AirPower" ... ?
[* icon_note] Wonder what that isis, @apple?
[* icon_note] Wonder what that isis, @apple?
[* black] Next we X-ray the box to confirm if it's safe to open. Oh, who are we kidding—we're opening it regardless. ''Safety third'', we always say.
[* icon_reminder] Meanwhile, we rummage through our ancient tech drawer and pull out a set of first-gen AirPods for a quick comparison.
[* black] While you may not think of two-year-old products as ''ancient'', reports say these first-gen AirPods (left) are aging fast.
[* black] The new case (right) looks ''shinier'', but that might just be due to wear on the Gen 1.
[* black] We also note a relocated pairing button, and a newly placed external LED charging indicator.