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Step Lines

[* black] Main PCB Backside Close Up View. Please leave a comment if you know information about U1, U26, and U42
[* orange] [|U21 - I2C Single Cell 3A Charger, BQ25898]
[* green] [|Winbond 8M x 8 Banks x 16 Bit, W631GU6MB121]
[* light_blue] U1 Part Markings: OA00805-B56G, TIVH62. Appears to be the video image processor
[* red] [|U7 - Cypress Ultra-Low Power, 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi/BLuetooth 5.0 Controller]
[* blue] U26, and U42 Part Markings: PA61, TI 871, A241, and 851DD, TI 838, A827
[* black] RF Front end with RF Switches, RF Bandpass Filters, and possible a RF PA
[* violet] Dual WiFi Antennas

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