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Step Lines

[* black] Now that the Small PCB has been removed, we can review the components on the PCB. Some parts could not be crossed referenced. Please leave a comment if you happen to know a part or parts.
[* black] Small PCB Topside
[* blue] U1 Part Markings: 3070, TI 861, AXLY
[* black] Small PCB Backside
[* orange] U24 Part Markings: PA81, TI 686, A6KS
[* green] [|U41|U41 DSP Group D2A3X - Audio DSP]
[* green] [|U41|U41 DSP Group D2A3X - Audio DSP]
[* red] U5 Part Markings: 18M
[* light_blue] [|U43 TI TAS2560 - 5.6W Class D Mono Audio Amp]