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Step Lines

[* black] With the camera face plate removed, we get our first look at some of the components that make up the Arlo Ultra Security Camera
[* red] Spot Light LEDs (400 lumens)
[* orange] Infrared Light LEDS
[* blue] [|Vesper VM1010 Wake-On-Sound MEMS Microphone]
[* light_blue] TDK ICS-41350 Microphone
[* green] Left Side, Light Detector. Right Side, Multi-Color LED
[* violet] [|PYD1548/7660 Excelites Tech Low Power Motion PIR Sensors]
[* black] Speaker / Siren - NG521-0015-01B18100010711
[* black] Speaker / Siren - NG521-0015-01B18100010711