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Changes to Step #3

Edit by Frank Chen

Edit approved by Andrew Optimus Goldheart


Step Lines

[* black] We find what appear to be cooling vents on the back of the rear case hidden behind the "foot." Unlike previous revisions, the vent is rectangular instead of circular.
[* black] Even though there are vents at the bottom of the rear case, our guess is that the fan is somewhere in the middle of the iMac—where it's fattest. These slots are probably the exhaust vents that spit out air drawn in from the bottom.
[* black] Hiding above the Apple logo, we find the small dual microphone grates.
[* black] ''It's listening; it's always listening…''
[* black] This iMac's model and [|EMC] numbers hide in their usual spot under the foot: A1418 and EMC 2455.
[* black] The iMac is also assembled in the USA, according to the text below the regulatory symbols.