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[* black] In case you hadn't heard, the new iMac is really thin…kinda. At its thinnest point (around the edge), it is 5 mm thick. At its thickest, though, it is over 4 cm thick, more than 8 times the thickness of the edge.
[* black] Since the new iMac is barely thicker than a CD itself, it does not include an optical drive. However, it still does sport a plethora of ports:
[* red] 3.5mm3.5 mm headphone
[* red] 3.5mm3.5 mm headphone
[* orange] SDXC card slot
[* yellow] 4x USB 3.0
[* green] 2x Thunderbolt
[* blue] Gigabit Ethernet
[* blue] Gigabit Ethernet