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[title] Fit the rest of the 12V componentsparts
[title] Fit the rest of the 12V componentsparts
[* black] The lights, coil and horn should all be changed for 12V items. Make sure the coil is connected the right way round: the "-" terminal should go to the points (assuming negative earth)
[* icon_note] There's no need to change the condenser
[* black] If you wire the system for negative earth, then you can use LED bulbs
[* icon_note] I tried two different LED headlamp bulbs. They were nice and bright, but both failed after a few months due to the cooling fan breaking. I'd recommend only using fanless LED bulbs. I have since found that the alternator has enough output to power a proper 55/60W H4 halogen, so I just use one of those.
[* icon_caution] If you are using negative earth, then don't forget to swap the wires to the ammeter