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Step Lines

[title] Remove the 6V componentsparts
[title] Remove the 6V componentsparts
[* black] Disconnect and remove the 6V battery
[* icon_note] The 12V system is quite a bit simpler than the Wipac system, as there's no longer a need to switch the alternator output with the headlight. It's probably easier to refer to the differences in the wiring diagram pictures to see what needs to be removed...
[* black] Disconnect and remove the rectifier, noting the brown wire that connects to the rectifier negative terminal (you'll be connecting to this wire later...)
[* black] Remove the orange, light green and white wires as well as the resistance wire from the main loom
[* black] Remove the 6V ignition coil
[* black] Remove the headlamp bulb, sidelight bulb, stop/tail bulb (and any other 6V bulbs)