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Step Lines

[title] Fit the regulator12V parts
[title] Fit the regulator12V parts
[* black] Fit the regulator somewhere convenient (above or below the coil is a good option)
[* black] Fit the new 12V battery. The widely-available 4Ah YTX5L-BS fits in the existing tray just fine. Use a bit of foam to isolate the battery from the engine vibration and a rubber strap to hold it in place.
[* black] Fit a 10A inline fuse in the battery positive lead (assuming negative earth)
[* black] Connect the three yellow wires from the regulator to the three alternator wires. It doesn't matter which one goes to which.
[* black] Connect the black wire from the regulator to earth (assuming negative earth) and the red wire to the brown wire that previously went to the rectifier output